Embody your authentic leadership & authority—in business and in life.

Founding in Feminine Form (F3) is part course, part community, and part self-discovery journey— informed by the soul’s journey but always, always rooted in the practical and pragmatic.

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KJ Erickson , Founder

As a female founder, do you yearn to unselfconsciously embody your authentic authority?

Is F3 for me?

Do you struggle with managing top-performing teams despite having strong leadership skills?

Have you ever asked yourself whether you’ll ever be able to fully command the respect you need?

And as you build your company, do you find yourself confronting all of your fears and self-doubts along the way?

a group of women standing in a room

You are not alone

You’re a brave soul who is on the right path. You chose this path not because it is easy, but because founderhood is the world’s best training-grounds for coming into your full authentic power and authority.

You are learning what it means to lead in female form.

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A message from Your Facilitator

In my 20 year journey as a CEO, I’ve traversed the spectrum for overconfident, idealistic wannabe, to struggling, self-doubting founder, to finally arrive at a place of inalienable security, confidence, and authority.

Through the process, I’ve discovered the tremendous freedom that comes from finding and leading from one’s own authentic authority, and have been able to witness just how radically the results a leader can achieve transform as their sense of self strengthens.

I have decided to offer this course because, in the course of the mentoring work I do for other female founders, I’ve witnessed the life-changing impact that this lens, mindset, and set of tools creates for other women earlier in their journey.

Thinking back on my first 10 years as a founder, I can only imagine how much pain, anxiety, and self-sabotage I might have avoided had I known then what I know now. Where I felt sometimes impossibly alone, I want the next generation of female leaders to feel that their unique needs, gifts, and challenges are supported, spoken to, and uplifted.

– KJ Erickson, Founder

About KJ Erickson

Serial-founder, CEO, seeker

KJ Erickson is a serial entrepreneur who is currently the CEO and Managing Partner at Arising Ventures, a holding company that buys, incubates and operates high-margin technology companies. With a portfolio of 6 companies spanning enterprise SAAS, marketplaces, financial auditing, and remote education, KJ focuses on getting the right deals done, putting the right talent in place, supporting their development, and aligning her family of companies with the values and vision that drive her.

A founder since dropping out of college at age 20, KJ has sat in the CEO seat across a variety of industries. She has raised tens of millions of dollars, both traditionally from the world’s top VCs (including Greylock, Foundation, Norwest, and Freestyle), and nontraditionally via crowdfunding (in 2021, her company UpCounsel set the record for largest regulation crowdfunding campaign led by a female CEO). She has also raised millions in philanthropic capital, her first venture being a refugee relief organization in central Africa.

KJ is a graduate of Y Combinator, where she was accepted as one of only a handful of solo female nontechnical founders in their history. She received her bachelors in Public Policy from Stanford University, and her MBA from Oxford University which she attended on the prestigious Skoll Scholarship for Social Entrepreneurship.

about the course

Founding in Feminine Form is part course, part community, and part self-discovery journey – informed by the soul’s journey, but rooted in the practical and pragmatic.

Throughout our 10 week journey we will focus on the following areas:


Learn how and where authentic authority is sourced from.

And how to source more of it in our leadership for easier, better results and to attract higher-quality collaborators and investors

Command healthy respect in the workplace.

Exploring how to establish and uphold power dynamics that serve the whole of the business

Understand the difference between authority and expertise.

Learn how to stay secure and stable in your leadership even when you lack skill, experience, and knowledge.

Navigate the trickiest parts of building a business.

Recruiting, hiring, firing, managing disparate opinions, and conducting performance reviews.

Discover deeper parts of your confidence.

Practice bringing your truth and voice forward with more consistency and clarity. 

Uncover your self-limiting beliefs.

And the stories that hold you back from our highest leadership potential, and replace them with new ones that serve your growth and evolution. 

Learn practical tools for healthy team leadership.

Decision-making, culture-setting, fundraising, and more. 

Engage in a community of practice with other female founders.

That are facing similar challenges, supporting each other on our paths to maximum embodied leadership and the fruits that come with it. 

Start your journey towards a more confident, empowered you.

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KJ Erickson - hands down - is the person who has had the biggest impact on my professional career. More than anyone else, she has made me believe in the depths of my power. She challenges me, with kindness, to acknowledge my leadership skills and unlocks me to take bold and courageous risks with authority. Her teachings have been instrumental to my success helping startup founders raise $100M+.

Maria Springer – CEO, Capital Department


Founding in Feminine Form (F3) is part course, part community, and part self-discovery journey— informed by the soul’s journey but always, always rooted in the practical and pragmatic.

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